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Helping Foreigners to Find Their Love in Japan!

I found that so many foreigners are giving up dating in Japan due to the language barrier, culture difference or whatever.

Think about it! Dating is one of the most exciting experiences in your life!
1. Why do you think you must give up just because you can’t speak Japanese in Japan?
2. Why give up just because you’re in Japan and can’t speak Japanese well?
You can definitely enjoy a dating life in Japan just like you can in your own country!

My job is to help motivate you to interact with local Japanese people, enjoy your social life and hopefully “Find Your Love!” in Japan.

There are 3 types of videos on this channel to help you accomplish our mission: Interviewing Japanese People, Interviewing Non-Japanese People, and a Strong Message from Nobita. I strongly believe you need a positive attitude no matter who you are; not only with Japanese language skills but as a person! Hopefully my videos change your attitude about Japan!

I want to show you Japanese people as real as possible; how they actually see things, think and/or behave. A lot of people complain about Japanese people lying and think they’re only giving civil answers to look good for society. Hopefully on my Channel, that will not happen. My charm makes it possible!




Japanese Teacher

  • energetic
  • cheerful
  • innocent
  • awkward
  • sportiveness

“I couldn’t pronounce the letters “R” and “L” for some reason, and that made me allergic to English

Not to mention, I’m extremely shy and nervous when it comes to talking to strangers. As a guy who used to be bullied; I was always introverted, quiet and alone.

But now I push myself hard. I really wanted to challenge myself on this journey; to be more open to everyone, and improve as a mature adult.

I don’t care about your height, weight, race or what country you’re from! I just enjoy talking to everyone in Japan and make new friends!








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