"I Don't Have Enough Time"

“Learning Japanese Takes Too Much Time and Not Worth it”



If you’re not sure whether or not you should actually start learning Japanese, I hope my message will help you.


I got a lot of emails like these;

  • It takes A LOT of time until you’re able to speak Japanese freely. Honestly, it’s too hard to spend such a long time.
  • Is that really worth it? You have to grind, grind and grind for a very long long time… spending tons of time for learning Japanese before you can actually speak well.


Here’s what they’re ACTUALLY saying:


I’m NOT willing to put any work or effort to be successful.


This is not just about learning Japanese. The shitty mentality can literally be applied to anything in life.

  • Wanna lose weight? Takes work.
  • Wanna own a business? Takes work.
  • Wanna start a successful YouTube channel? Takes work.
  • Want to speak Japanese freely and confidently? Takes a hell of A LOT of work.

However, are all of the above things impossible? Definitely, NO 100%.

As long as you put in the work, anything is possible.


Listen, I know it sounds kinda “easier said than done” thing, but if you actually take action consistently, you will succeed 100% with no exception. And that’s why you should get started right now.




The Most Bullshit Excuse


Most people don’t realize it, but this common phrase is so deadly.

It silently kills ANY chance you have to be successful.


But, I just don’t have enough free time.


I’m sure you’ve heard from friends, family, and maybe even yourself use this excuse before.

  • I don’t have time to hit the gym, I have so much homework!
  • I don’t have time to read that book, I need to chill. Not now. Not today.
  • I don’t have time to start a YouTube channel, I already work over 40 hours a week!

Although everyone knows it’s an excuse, they still say it over and over again…


Let me tell you this honestly.

Nothing pisses me off more than seeing someone who dreams of getting a beautiful Japanese woman in Japan, yet says things like:


I’m thinking about learning Japanese.


OK, you’re “thinking about it”…


Dude, Say that when you actually START it!!



One of my Japanese friends is a single mom working as an obstetrician who works more than 50 hours per week.

She takes care of her son and plays around with him every weekends, does Yoga and recently even started a lifestyle business on the side.


Still, she has time to have a life, and hangs out with her friends sometimes. Yes, all of this even with a 50 hour work week.


How does she do it?

Instead of making excuses, she makes time.


How simple is that.


If you REALLY want to do something with your life whether it’s carving a pumpkin or being the first person to walk on Mars, you just will find time to work towards the goal.


Seriously, if you really fucking badly want something and it’s lighting an absolute fire under your ass, just do it right now whether it’s Japanese or Korean.


That’s how top performers miraculously get so much done. They’re extremely obsessed with their goals, and they make time to work towards them.


If you want to be able to speak Japanese freely and confidently, obviously there’s a lot on your plate.

  • You need to learn Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji.
  • You need to learn the grammar.
  • You need to immerse your brain in Japanese language constantly and think in Japanese.

Most people would get overwhelmed right there and quit.


But, if you’re still reading this, I’m sure you don’t wanna be one of them.

You’re going to make time, right? (without rearranging your current schedule a single second.)


Let me tell you how quickly:


When you’re walking your dog, or walking to work, or walking home, use that time to practice Japanese. Every time.

When you’re driving somewhere, use that time to listen to free Japanese lesson or audiobooks from online you found interesting.


Promise me now.

You’ll “find time” to learn Japanese to achieve your goals in that way no matter how busy you are.


Maybe you run into the issue of having friends who aren’t super ambitious, the kind of friend group that makes it hard to really focus on a big life goal. I really know how hard it is to get shit done when all your close friends want to do is drink and chill on the weekends or after job.


If you want to escape from being surrounded by unambitious people, Start surrounding yourself with go-getters who have the similar goal as you.


Join Facebook groups. Or subreddits. Or private memberships of people who are motivated to get better.


That’s what I actually did.


I surrounded myself with the best of the best in the NOBI LESSON community, we constantly share knowledge, help and motivate each other. I really appreciate it.



Yes, it takes a lot of work to be able to speak Japanese freely. But isn’t that better than spending 3 years of your life thinking about doing something?


Basically my whole point is,

Get Fu*king Started NOW.


You can definitely do it whatever it is. Just carve out the time and cut down on your all excuses.

Because those other people you see living their dream life aren’t any better than you.


They just got started earlier.


Learning Japanese Takes Too Much Time?

Well, Stop saying a Bullshit Excuse. Just do it right NOW.





– Nobita




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20 Responses to ““Learning Japanese Takes Too Much Time and Not Worth it””

  1. David Heijs

    Hi Nobita !!

    Well it is kind of true that I also don’t have much time because of my work. But I always try to find and make time to learn japanese in my own time. I know learning can be slow, but imagine that I have difficulties to learn things than normal people can. I am always slower, I always need more time, but does it prefent me to stop learning japanese because it takes to long? NO
    But for me it just takes longer, I am not in a hurry, I learn in my own tempo.
    And my tric is to have fun learning, not remembering the stuf you need to know. Be crazy and make a conversation to yourself or talk childisch to your dog. It is all on you, if you want to give up that easely, just stop. So now I have less competetion when searching for a girl in Japan… Muhahahaha

    Nobita, great to point this out, I don’t know why they complain to you but it is theirs responsability. You provide us how to study japanese with a good minset… Clearly they skiped that partbin your lessons.

    I can’t wait to see your next video.
    Don’t give up!
    or how we say in dutch:
    “Geef de moed niet op!”


    • Nobita

      Thank you so much for the great message, David! I’m glad you’re also slower to learn something. I’m exactly like that. But I will not stop in the end. That’s the most important thing!!

  2. Lol nice speech nobita. I like it and agree with most of what your saying. There are two things I want in life, I want an Asian girlfriend and to finish my computer programming game that I’ve been trying to make. I’ve gotten two screens done for my game as we speak and I’m trying to make ideas for my third screen right now! But progress is actually being made.

    Now the girlfriend thing is a little more tricky for me because my personality is not what society accepts at the moment. I’m perverted and I like boobs and I like to talk freely about it. Yet I want a virgin girlfriend and one who actually cares for me actually loves me and wants me around and likes my attention. You don’t know how much hate messages I’ve gotten because of my personality lol. But it’s part of me and I personally don’t care what others think of me. And now I’m actually talking to a Asian girl that seems to be ok with my personality! I got a fuck load of hate but I think I may have what I want. I’m not sure because me and her are still talking. Just letting you know that everything your saying seems to be true. That’s just my opinion though. Catch ya later

    • Nobita

      Don’t worry, Aaron. There are a tons of virgin girls in Japan

  3. Hi Nobita! I started learn japanese by myself 3 years ago and i study almost daily. I am still lower intermediate in japanese but i improve little by little daily.Thank you for your channel on youtube. I watch it often. 私は日本人大好きです。頑張ります。

  4. Even though I have a chaotic schedule in life. I am determine to learn and improve. I just suck at time management a lot. I am not giving up, but the fact is I am delayed. XD. Thank you for voicing your opinion on the topic.

  5. Budd Royce

    Not having enough time is literally the excuse every one has for everything. I used to use it until I turned 30 and realized that I wasn’t getting any extra time and I was getting no where waiting. I knew that if I wanted time to do something I’d have to make it.

    Learning Japanese isn’t something that happens overnight but it’s definitely doable. There’s more time during the day than people think.

    Instead of breaking out Facebook or YouTube to kill time while waiting in line or sitting on the toilet, why not use that time to do something productive?

    It’s not easy to get a large block of free time but you’d be amazed how much you can learn using the random bits of “spare time” you find during the day.

    (For the record, I used the time sitting on the bus and waiting for planes to not only learn hiragana and katakana in hours, I also managed to get myself through a certificate program at Harvard using my “spare time”. It’s not a lot in one sitting but a little bit here and there adds up)

  6. Nathan Haynes

    Hi Nobita!!!

    Honestly, you write English very well!!!
    Anyway what I wanna say is thank you. You’re words and videos have motivated me to kick myself into gear and do what I love with no excuses!
    Thank you Nobita!!!
    Have a wonderful day!

  7. Hey Nobita!
    I’m really glad I read this post. I just want to let you know that I am trying to learn Japanese!
    My dream is when I finish my medical degree I can spend some time in Japan.
    For now, hello from South Africa!

  8. ChattyKathy

    Thank you for this valuable information… This is probably the most important tip ever! You have basically outlined exactely what is needed to be successful in any case. Carving out the necessary time is a small price to pay when you really want to achieve your goal.

  9. Alysha Mendez

    Hi, Nobita!
    Just some weeks ago, I felt the same and thought about quitting learning Japanese; I even thought about leaving it slowly till I didn’t remember what is to study Japanese, but, then, I just realized that if I just do it, I’d never get my main goal, the true reason that makes me learn a single Japanese phrase or word. I said to myself: “Alysha, what are you doing?! are you gonna quit now that you are so far from the start? Please, don’t even think again about it and be still.” So, by my own experience, to be a college student and an elementary school teacher, it was kinda hard sometimes to break through Japanese, but at the end, I always learned something new about this complex but beautiful language.
    My main message to all of you who are reading this post is, that it doesn’t matter how busy of short of time you are, it doesn’t matter how long is your ‘to-do list’, just as my momma says, “if you started a project then make sure to finish it; you’ll have no regret when you’re done with it.”
    I hope that these simple words may help you to get your first love about Japanese again!

    Best regards

  10. Akil Hussain

    Hey Nobita

    Managing time is a real problem as I am an easily distracted person, however I’m trying my level best to learn Japanese so that I may, in the future travel to Japan. I really like the videos you post on youtube and it makes me want improve myself and become better in every day actions.

  11. Hey, Nobita! I just stumbled across your youtube and blog today, and i absolutely love them. After about 2 videos in, i decided i was going to subscribe.

    Your videos are especially helpful for me, because i am planning on moving to Japan in 3 years (after i finish college), and have sworn off dating until i get to Japan. This is so that i don’t get sidetracked from my goal of living in Japan. So it is incredibly helpful and inspiring for me to watch these videos and learn, so that when i DO start dating, i won’t feel like i know nothing and will be able to date confidently.

    One thing that i would love to see on your channel is covering Christian dating in Japan. You see, I’m a Christian, and the first thing i look for in a girl is whether or not she is as well. But since less than 1% of the Japanese population is Christian, it seems like i may face some difficulty in finding Japanese women who are Christian as well.


  12. You are so right that it takes time to learn a new language–and Japanese and English are very different. However, in English there are over 2000 different sounds, in Japanese a bit over 600. The written language is much simpler in Japanese as opposed to English as well. I have been a fan of Japanese animation since I was a young girl and my first “crush” was Speed Racer (I’m serious here and I am not the only one so affected in my generation). Where I live there was no way to learn Japanese when I was growing up–this was decades before the internet. Funny thing happen in the last couple of years–it seems that Japanese anime and acion films have exploded in popularity in cinemas and in online subscription websites. What I noticed though was the English actors translations were flat, joyless and humorless but I could not imagine that Japanese is that flat and colorless a language. Now, I avoid English dubs, and watch animes (hundreds of them, I am a former art major in college and have done some amatuer animation myself) in Japanese with English subtitles—this was not ideal, still not understanding the humor or beauty in some anime but definately getting the idea it was there (except Fruits Basket, which is very funny). What I noticed, though, is that I started to understand spoken Japanese and relied less and less on the sub titles. (??!!) I now understand that not all junior or senior high students in Japan are super heros, that not all Japanese temples have gates to other worlds, not all Yokai are…..well, exist, and that the Japanese are not all foodies, but I am starting to “get” the entertainment of animes. I was originally attracted to the art itself–beautiful back grounds and colors, then to the story lines. I wanted to understand the anime without subtitles so I began watching the animes on certain websites (e.g. Crunchy Roll, etc) and then going back through and watching several times and memorizing the dialogue and what it means. Someday I would very much like to learn to read and write Japanese, but at the age of 65, I am content with understanding most of the conversations without subtitles. I now feel like I am actually experiencing the full art of the anime. (Also has the added benefit of keeping my mind open and nimble at my age). If I can get this far, anyone can. 🙂

    • um…sorry for the above typos–I can spell, I just can’t type very well !